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My Java Broke and I don't know how to make it work again. The nicknames are below the broken app.

Hello, everyone. My name is William Andres Mogollon, you may know me better as HOWLER. It has long been my opinion, that the measure of a mans success should be counted in the number of Nicknames he has collected during his stay on this planet. For this reason, I bring to you the following list of nicknames that were at one time bestowed upon my most esteemed and not so very humble personage.

Please enjoy finding all of my nicknames in this word search puzzle, and then if you like scan down and see a brief description of why I held each nickname.


ANTS - This was probably my first Nickname, but I am unsure why I had it. Perhaps I at one time had an affinity for ants.

Squirrel- I earned this nickname because, when wrestling with my brothers, they found it difficult to keep hold of me. And squirrelly became squirrel.

Inside-out & backwards - Perhaps it was my dyslexia that prevented me from wearing my underwear right side around.

Underpants - For prolly the same reason.

Mogo and Moge - These nics (taken from my last name, of course.) were worn prestigiously by everyone of my siblings and passed down with honor to all save perhaps my little sister

Hammerhead - From a very young age I learned that my forehead was a very effective and feared weapon amongst my siblings.

Lil Moge - Because I was littler than the rest.

Lil Pegleg - I was given this name by my older Brothers friends. He was of course known as Pegleg. This name, due to the fact that we both walked with a limp - A limp what, you ask.

Fred Sanford - Also for the way I walked. I got in more fights over this one for some reason or another.

Gimpy - Yet another that was due to the way I walked.

Little Pimp - This one was given to me by a black guy I worked with once, he told me I had a way cool pimpin walk, I said, "thanks, it's a birth defect." He said, "sorry." I said, "Not a problem."

Bad Toad and Froggy - these two nics were spawned because of an impression I used to do, of a cartoon character named toad in a show called 'the Drac Pac'.

Andaroonie - This might have been a play on Andy Roonie, but mostly my two youngest sisters referred to me by this name.

Andykins - I believe everyone of my siblings may have referred to me by this one at one point or another.

Ander - Is one I kinda made up for myself.

Andyman - This one needs no explanation.

Big guy, Lil man, and Lil Big Man - All of these were given to me due to my stature I assume.

Litlun - At one time there was a guy referred to as Biggun, I therefore became Litlun.

Socks - I was given this name due to the fact that I seldom wore socks.

Drew - At one point I grew tired of the name Andy and attempted a name change - some still use this name for me.

John - For some reason I thought I would like to be called John when I was younger. It seemed like a cooler name.

AndyJohn - When they started using this one I decided I would just stick with the name Andy.

Tagalong Chastity - (From Hopalong cassidy.) This one refers to when I was a teenager. I was always going out with some friend and his girlfriend, having no girlfriend of mine own. They also used to call me CockBlocker for this very reason. I preferred the former name.

Ace and Diceman - were given to me by another guy I worked with. The latter was because I was always mercilessly insulting someone.

Angie - This kid named Jimmy is the only person to ever call me this. I always called him Jenny.

The lone Stranger - This is one that I made up myself, for I was ever the loner as a child.

JumpBall - I earned this one because of my size and the fact that I like to shoot baskets.

Dumbass - this was my fathers special name for me.

Little Asshole - Everyone I know has called me this one at some point.

Scrappy Doo - (After Scooby Doo's nephew of course.) They called me this because I was small and feisty.

LollyPop - (As in the Lollypop guild from The Wizard of Oz.) Not Only was I diminutive but I were a frequent scowl as a child.

Peck - as in the little Dwarfish dude from the movie Willow. I always pictured myself more along the lines of a Mad Mardigan.

Quickly Maksa Funny - it was decided that this would be my Indian name if I were Native American by birth.

The Shark - This one is not because I am good at playing pool, although I am no slouch, but more likely because I was always loaning money to people.

Freak Boy - Pretty much only my little sister calls me by this one.

Jimmy Mannikin - A friend of mine wrote a series of songs based on a fictional character with this name. It was decided I would play Jimmy in any videos that sprung from these songs.

Dungeonmaster - I was head of the Electronics department at one of my jobs. That department was in the basement of the building, which was referred to as the Dungeon.

Nomad, Seraph, and Jester - Are all nicknames I have used in chat rooms. Both, Nomad and Jester are names I have used for a long time.

HOWLER - Is the Nic name of choice for some reason.

Uncle Scabby - A nickname I made up for me because my Skin Condition (psoriasis) Often leaves me semi-scabby.

Axeman - A semi-new Nickname dew to the Axe-murderer Hit List page.

BulletHead - Has been used since CdTrips shot me in the forehead

Pusswass - For some reason my ex-girlfriend started calling me this. I was not pleased.

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