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The Following is a quick study of male sensitivity and how men in general relate to woman.

Sensitive Guys

Sensitivity in a man is not an uncommon thing though it is an illusive and, sometimes, thought to be extinct characteristic of the male psychi. Rare are such moments where a man and a woman can join together and a man feels it is safe to show that side of him that on any other day, in any other circumstance, he plainly refuses to admit exists. 

 I Am A Man! Or supposed to be at any rate. I am made of manly parts, and that fact alone should support the qualification. I am rugged, to a degree, but I am not stone. I do have the ability to display a soft gentle demeanor though I rarely do, save for special moments in the company of a woman for whom I care. I can be cutesy to a degree with an endearing playfulness. Now, that is somewhat less than manly by societies standards. It goes, flat out, against the secret manly code, but I do, as most men do, possess an ounce of cute.

That 'cute' quality within me though does have limits. It has a cap where the rugged manly man inside takes over and says, "alright! That's about enough of that rubbish!" Then, without conscious volition I will generally say something crass and/or crude. My chemical make up requires this of me, and it is truly beyond my control. So I shouldn't be surprised in this event at all if I were a woman. To be with a man, and making all cooey and gooey, pillow talk and out of nowhere comes some left field born bit of rude commentary. It is simply our nature.

As a woman you need to learn to gauge the level of your mans inherent ability to be cute. You must learn when to leave off of before your man reaches his romantic redline. Lest in the middle of all the gush and mush, of cutesy talk time you are affronted by a clear, bold, and shocking revolt, as his romanticism locks up and shuts down completely. At such a time your man will purely involuntarily yell something like, "So, what up wit dat blow job?" or, "Aight, now howza bout dat muffin, Biaaaatch!?"

So, Please, do not blame us if this should one day happen to you. If in some seemingly dreamlike romantic moment, your man should just drop his pants and start poking you with half of an erection, screaming, "Get Up On It, Woman!!!" It is only evidence that you have failed in your ability to keep tabs on the amount of Ga-Ga talk you were subjecting him to at the time of the mood killing infraction. 

At a moment like this, it is essential for a woman not to just throw caution to the wind and abandon the man. He is at a very vulnerable point, and should be treated with delicate care. It is possible to reclaim the romantic side of the man you love and return him from his basest instincts. To bring back that sensitive caring, and cooing gentle loving man whom you so adore. I advise without any hesitation, that a woman in this predicament, should make real quick like with the 'Sucky Sucky' or, perhaps, just kick off her panties, and toss the furry biscuit on a brother! It is really the only logical solution, at this point.

There is no sense in gettin all incensed and pissed off and making a brother kick his Zzzz'z up on the sofa for a week or two until he realizes it might behoove him to go buy some fuckin flowers! Witholdin the boootayy, ain't gonna solve a got damn thing!

6 - 26 - 03

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