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An Unusual Pet

This guy was lonely and so he decided life would be more fun if he had a pet. So he went to the pet store and told the owner that he wanted to buy an unusual pet.

After some discussion, he finally bought a centipede , which came in a little white box. It seemed unusual at first but he was growing happier with his decision minute by minute.

He took the box back home, found a good location for the box, and decided he would start off their relationship by taking his new pet to the bar to have a drink with him.

So he asked the centipede in the box, "Hey, Buddy. Would you like to go to Frank's Bar with me and have a beer?" But there was no answer from his new pet.

This bothered him a bit, but he waited a few minutes and then asked him again, "Hey, There. How about going to the bar and having a drink with me?"

But again, there was no answer from his new friend and pet. So he waited a few minutes more, thinking about the situation.

He decided to ask him one more time; this time putting his face up against the centipede's house and shouting, "Hey, in there! Would you like to go to Frank's place and have a drink with me?

A little voice came out of the box: "Dude!!! I heard you the first time! I'm putting on my f'ing shoes."

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