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Having recently bought a secluded farm in Kentucky, John was surprised when a man knocked on his door. " Hi, there," said the man, " My name is Seth, I'm yer neighbor from over the hill. I wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood and invite you over fer a party, tonight."

Having nothing else to do John accepts the invite, and Seth says, " I feel I should warn ya, that there is gonna be alotta drinkin' going on.

" That's not a problem, Seth," says John, " I enjoy a few drinks as much as the next guy."

"OK, then," said Seth, " I also should warn you there may be some fightin." "Well," John says, "I had my share a scraps, and I reckon I can hold my own there too."

"That's good," Seth replies, "Oh, and one last thing, there is definitely gonna be some sex." "Well, Seth, I'm sure I don't have a problem there, I've been around the block a time or two," John says.

"Well, alrighty then," says Seth, and he turns to leave.

"Just One thing, Seth," John says, " what should I wear?"

" Oh, suit yourself," Seth replies, " It's just gonna be you and me"

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