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A late middle age couple go to the doctor for their annual check-up. The doctor examines the man first.

MD: "I wish my other patients were as healthy as you. Your cholesterol level is low, you have the body of a man 20 years your junior. You're in great shape! Do you have any concerns?"

Husband: "Yes--it's about sex"

MD: "You came to the right place -- ask away!"

Husband: "Well, doc, the first time I do it, everything's fine. The second time I do it, I sweat like a pig!"

MD: "Nothing comes to mind from the medical literature. Tell you what-- I'll ask your wife when I examine her."

The doctor calls the wife and examines her.

MD: "Like your husband, you're in great shape! A body of a woman 20 years your junior. How's the marriage?"

Wife: "Fine! We've been married 45 years and we get along great."

MD: "Do you have any concerns?"

Wife: "No, not really."

MD: "Well, your husband shared one with me. He says he has a concern about sex."

Wife: "Really, now?!"

MD: "Yes, he said the first time he does it he's fine, and the second time he sweats like a pig."

Wife: "I'm not surprised! The first time is in January, and the second time  is in July!"

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