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The Rating Game


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Three young fellas are sitting at a bar and start rating women as they walk in the door. First lady walks in and they yell 'six', 'six', 'six' and an old bloke behind them yells 'one'.
Second lass is a bit of a babe so they yell 'eight', 'eight', 'eight' and the old bloke yells 'two'.

The third woman to walk in is Elle McPherson and they all yell 'TEN' but the old bloke yells 'three'.

At this one of the young fellas says 'are you blind or something? That's Elle McPherson, she's gorgeous'.

To which the old bloke looks into his beer and says - 'I use the Clydesdale rating method'.

'Its the number of Clydesdales it'd take to tear her off my face!'

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