Popes Prayer
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The Popes Prayer

The Pope had been sick for a number of months and experts were called in from all over the world, but no one could diagnose his illness. Finally a doctor from Switzerland came and immediately hit upon the cause of the problem.

He said to the Pope, " Your Holiness, because you have lived in a celibate state all your life, your seminal fluids have built up and are literally choking you to death. Therefore, there is only one cure. You must have sexual intercourse with a woman!"

The Pope cried out in dismay, " But I can't. I can't. You know the vows I have taken. I just cannot."

The Doctor replied, " But your Holiness, if you don't do this you will condemn yourself to death. This too, is a mortal sin."

The Pope pondered the problem and said, " I will retire to my room for three days of prayer, and then I will make a decision."

At the end of three days he telephoned the doctor in Switzerland and said " My decision has been made. I will do what you direct. But please be sure that she has big tits!"

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