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No Toilet Paper

While traveling through the Deep South, a salesperson stopped at an inn for a meal. When he was through, he asked to use the bathroom. The proprietor pointed to an outhouse in the back.

After taking a decent sized shit, the man found, to his chagrin, that there was no toilet paper. Instead, there was a small hole in the wall, a slot, and a sign.

The sign read, "Insert twenty-five cents and your dirty finger will be cleaned with the greatest care, warmth and attention."

Unhappy but having no other choice, the man used his finger to clean his ass, plugged a quarter into the slot, then put his finger in the hole. Unknown to him, a little boy was standing on the other side with a pair of bricks. When the finger came through, the lad smashed it between the bricks!

Howling with pain, the man put his finger in his mouth...

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