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Two little boys were playing baseball in an empty lot in Baltimore when one was attacked by a rabid Doberman. Thinking quickly, the other boy broke a board off a fence and wedged it into the dog's collar. He gave it a quick twist and broke the dog's neck, saving his friend.

A reporter for the Baltimore Sun was walking by at the time and decided this would make a heroic story. He pulled out his pad and began a headline, as he headed over to the two boys.

"Young Redskins fan saves friend from vicious mauling," his headline read. When he showed it to the little hero the boy said, "That's fine, but I'm not a Redskins fan," so the reporter scratched out that headline and began again.

"Young Orioles fan saves friend from savage attack," he wrote. 

"Well," the boy said, "It's okay, but I'm not an Orioles fan, either."  

"You aren't?" the reporter asked, "I thought everyone around here was either a Redskins fan or an Orioles fan.""No, not me," the boy said, "I'm a Cowboys fan." 

"Oh," said the reporter, and he scratched out yet another headline and wrote this instead:  "Little redneck bastard kills beloved family pet."

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