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A guy went to tour Spain. One day he went to a local restaurant.
He told the waiter that he wanted the house special.
The waiter brought a plate consisting of chips, salad and two large meaty balls.
Curious the guy asks what is it?
The waiter answered, "Cojones"
"What are Cojones?" the guy asked.
"Senor, Cojones are the testicles of bulls who lost in the bull fights," answered the waiter.
The guy was disgusted at the thought of it, but being the adventures type, he decided to give it a try. In fact the cojones were delicious. So good that the guy came back to the restaurant the very next day and ordered Cojones again.
This time testicles were much smaller.
Baffled the guy asked the same waiter what is it?
"It is Cojones, senor"
"No this is not Cojones, I had Cojones yesterday and they were much larger than this," said the guy. "Senor," the waiter replied, "the bull does not always lose" !!!!!!!

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