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A man lost his job and didn't tell his wife right away. A few weeks have gone by and he noticed that the money situation was slowly delinquishing. He finally told his wife, "Honey, we have to think of some way to make some money."

After thinking on this for awhile, he says, "I know, how about if you become a prostitute and I'll be your pimp?" She agrees with this and they go out that very night. The wife, standing on the corner is confronted by a man in a car. "How much?" the man says. The wife says, "Wait here one minute...I'll be right back."

She runs over to her husband, who is sitting in his car, and asks how much she should charge. He says, "$100 for a fuck." She runs back to the man, says, "$100", but, the man only has $25. So, the wife, runs back to her husband and tells him that the man only has $25...what should she do?

The husband thinks for a minute and tells her, "a blowjob for $25." "Okay," the wife says, and runs back to the man waiting in the car. She tells him this, he unzips his zipper and exposes his huge cock. The wife, seeing this, says, "stay there, I will be right back" and runs back to her husband.

"Now what's wrong??!!!" says the husband. The wife replies, "Can we loan him $75?"

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