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Gotcha Golf

This hacker went up to a club pro and challenged him to 18 holes of golf for $100 with one catch - the Hacker gets two "Gotcha's".
The club pro, with his attitude, said, "No problem. Whatever the heck 'Gotcha's' are, I'll still kick your behind all over the course.

After the round, the two walked in as a stunned clubhouse watched the club pro pay the hacker $100. They asked the pro how it happened.

He remarked, "Well, when I was teeing off on the first hole, right in the middle of my backswing, he reached between my legs, grabbed my balls and yelled 'Gotcha!' And if you had any idea what it is like playing 18 holes waiting for the second Gotcha..."

Um, deja voo. I just realized this is the second time I posted this joke.

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