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A city boy ventured out and bought himself a farm house. He needed some animals for the farm, so he inquired at the neighbor's place. The old farmer agreed to sell him some animals, so they made their way to the barn.
The city boy pointed and asked, "What kind of animal is that?"
The farmer replied, "Well, that's a cock, but you city folks call it a rooster."
The city boy decided to take one of them, and then pointed to another animal.
The farmer replied, "Well, that's a pullet, but you city folks would call it a chicken." The farmer continued, "I reckon you're gonna need a hard working animal to help you with the chores, so I'll sell you this ass, or as you city folks call it, a mule."
The city boy agreed to purchase the mule as well. Then, as he was leaving with his newly purchased animals, the farmer said, "By the way, the mule might be stubborn on occasion and lie down on you. But, if you scratch his belly, he'll get up."
On his trek home, the city boy noticed a beautiful girl approaching. Suddenly, the mule fell down on top of the city boy. The girl hurried over to him and asked if she could help.
"Yep," exclaimed the city boy, "you can grab my cock and pullet while I reach around and scratch my ass."

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