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Car Crash


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A man and his girlfriend are driving down the highway. The man asks "If I drive 100 mph will you take off your clothes?" and she agrees. So the man drives 100 mph and his girlfriend strips. The man is so busy looking at his girlfriend that he crashes into a tree.
The car flipped over trapping the man and all of his girlfriend's clothes. All that is free of the car is the man's girlfriend and one of his shoes. The man yells, "You have to go get help. Go to that gas station over there."
His girlfriend says, "Are you kidding me? I'm naked." "Well" replies the man "Take my shoe over there cover up your pussy and go get help." So the woman covers her pussy with the shoe and goes to the gas station. She says to an attendant.

"You have to help me. My boyfriend's trapped"
"I'm sorry ma'am" the attendant replies, "he's too far in."

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