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Blond Blow Job

A blonde was driving her car one day, when she runs into a hailstorm. The hail is large and makes lots of dents in the roof of her car. After the hail stops, she goes to a gas station and asks the attendant what she can do to get the dents out of her car. The attendant, being a wisenheimer, says: "Blow real hard into the exhaust pipe, and that will pop the dents right out."

         Well, when the blonde gets home, she attempts to do just that. She sticks the tailpipe in her mouth, but hard as she huffs and puffs, nothing. Just then, her roommate (also a blonde, naturally) comes home and sees what's going on. Naturally she's confused, until the first blonde explains about the guy at the gas station and his advice as to how to remove the dents.

         The second blonde can't stop laughing: "That won't work," she says. "Like duh ... you need to roll up the windows first

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