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Bill meets Satan


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Clinton dies and he goes to hell. Satan meets him there and says, "Bill, we have to find a spot for you for all of eternity." So Satan takes Bill down a hall and they come to the first door and open it. Inside is Bill Gates being burned at the stake. No," Bill balks, "I can't do that for all eternity."

"Fair enough," replies Satan. Satan takes Bill down the hall to a second door. Inside is Ted Kennedy being pulled apart on The Rack. "No," Bill again balks. "I can't do that for all of eternity, either." Satan takes Bill to the last door. Inside, Kenneth Starr is being held up to the wall with chains around his wrists. At his groin is Monica Lewinsky giving him a great blow job.

Bill smiles. "Yes!" he shouts, "that's for me." Satan walks into the room and kicks Monica and shouts, "Get up Monica, and get out ... your replacement's here."

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