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Bach Lives On! (Ugh)

A story is told of two German men in the 1870's who sneaked into the cemetery where Johann Sebastian Bach is buried. You must first understand that there is a rumor that Bach was buried with unfinished scores he was working on when he died, and these men were eager to see if they could be retrieved for their personal gain.

In the dark of night, they began digging at the gravesite and soon reached the coffin. But, as they cleared away the dirt, they began to see a small amount of light emitting from cracks in the coffin! They continued clearing until they could crack open the lid -- only to find *Bach himself*, by the light of a small candle, carefully erasing the unfinished scores; note by note, line by line!

They just stood there aghast, frozen at the sight of the almost skeleton-like figure. They began to tremble, making their shovels clatter against loose stones among the dirt. Bach slowly turned his head up to the men, raised a finger before his lips and whispered, "Shhhhhhhhhhh! I'm.... deeeeeeee-commmmmm-pooooosing!"

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