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Tom wrote me about the New York business trip he was on. Judi, one of the ladies in the car with him (all from Phoenix) saw a billboard advertising a new movie. Judi exclaimed, "Oh, look, they have John Travolta out here, too!"

Julie and kids had just returned from church. "My 5 and 7 year old kids were showing me the faces they'd drawn in Sunday School. Now, museum quality they're not, but these were particularly unbalanced. I asked them why. My 7 year old explained, 'we were supposed to close our eyes and pretend we were blonde.' I can only assume he meant 'blind'."

When Vicki was pledging Phi Mu, Part of her requirements were, to learn the Greek alphabet. I had them hanging on the wall so I could practice the letters. My sister, Judi, came to visit, saw them, and asked what they were. I explained and told her there were 25 letters in the Greek alphabet. She responded quite seriously, "Oh. So which one is missing?"

Shay heard they were testing a new "high speed" propeller airplane engine that revolved so fast, the sound was inaudible to the human ear. I asked, "it's kind of freaky -- how would you know if the engines ever died if you couldn't hear them?" My friend said, "Plummeting to the ground would be a pretty good indication."

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