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The Toilet Brush

Jon, Brian, and Amanpreet were in the pub enjoying a few  quiet drinks one night, when they decided to get in on the weekly raffle. They bought five $1 tickets each, seeing it was for charity. The following week, when the raffle was drawn, they each won a prize.

Jon won the first prize: a whole year's supply of gourmet  spaghetti sauce.

Brian won the second prize: six month's supply of extra-long gourmet spaghetti.

Amanpreet won the sixth prize: a toilet brush.

When they met in the pub a week later, Amanpreet asked the others how they were enjoying their prizes.

"Great," said Jon. "I love spaghetti."

"So do I," said Brian. "And how's the toilet brush, 'Preet?"

"Not so good," Amanpreet confided. "I'm going to have to go back to paper."

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