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Son In Law

One evening, a man was sitting at home, happily watching TV whilst chucking peanuts in the air and catching them in his mouth. Unfortunately, as he turned to answer a question his wife had asked, a peanut fell into his ear.

They spent three hours unsuccessfully trying to get it out, but only succeeded in pushing it in deeper. They were just about to go to hospital when their daughter arrived home with her new boyfriend.

Their daughter's boyfriend said he'd be able to get it out, and told the father to sit down. He then shoved two fingers up the father's nose and told him to blow hard. When the father blew, out flew the peanut.

The mother said to the boyfriend: "You should have been a doctor!"

The ungrateful father grabbed hold of the boyfriend and yelled: "Doctor, my ass! He's going to be our son-in-law, smell his damn fingers!"

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