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The Dildo Shop

A little old lady, well into her eighties, slowly enters the door of an erotic sex shop. Obviously totally unstable on her feet,  she shakily hobbles the few feet across the store to the counter. Finally arriving at the counter and grabbing it for support, she asks:

"Ddddooo youuuu hhhave dddddildosss?' The assistant, politely but ernestly holding back laughter replies, "Yes we do many models in fact."

To this the old women asked, "Ddddddooo yyyouuuu hhhave aaa bbblackk ooone tttenn inchessss lllong aaandd abbouttt tttwoo iinnchesss thththiiickkk?"

Assistant: "Yes"

"Ccccccannnnn yyyyouuuu tttellll mmmmmeeee hhhhowwww tttttoooo tttturrrnnnn ttttheeee fffffuucccckkkkkkingggg ttthingggggg offfffff!!!!"

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