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Cure For Common Sense Found

"Since very few people seem to use it, why have it at all," says one.

In a small laboratory located in the Swiss Alps, scientists lauded the discovery of a cure for the dreaded disease, Common Sense. Though only afflicting about one percent of the earth's population, doctors believe it will take at least ten years to manufacture and distribute enough of the serum to wipe out the disease completely. We spoke with the head research scientist on this project, Dr. Gregori Razzpuddin. We asked him what makes this discovery so important.

His reply: "After many years of studying human behavior patterns, we determined it was easier to rid the population of Common Sense than to attempt to teach it to those that choose not to use it. Now everybody will have the same stupid and erratic behavior. The only drawback is in the United States. The people at the Food and Drug Administration say it could be at least twenty years before the serum can be used there. Which makes no sense to us whatsoever."

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