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Well, It's Official!

I'm A Sex Addict, Maybe your one too? According to proponents of the sex addiction concept, a person is a sex addict if he or she experiences: * (My comments in red.)

1) Failure to resist impulses to engage in certain sexual behaviors. * Umm, Yep that's me.
2) Increasing sense of tension just prior to the behavior. * Hmmmm, ya think?
3) Pleasure or relief at the time of the behavior. * Yes, yes, there again I must confess.
4) At least five of the following things hold true:
      a) Frequent preoccupation with the activity. * Boy, if I had a nipple for every time I thunk of it!
      b) Frequent engaging in the behavior to a greater extent or for longer than intended. *I wish.
      c) Repeated efforts to reduce, control, or stop the behavior. *Um, I don't understand this one.
      d) A great deal of time spent in activities necessary for the behavior, as well as in the behavior itself.              * More thinkin than doin.
      e) Frequent engaging in the behavior when expected to fulfill other important obligations (work, etc.)             * Who wouldn't pass up work?
      f) Important other social, work, or recreational activities given up or reduced because of the
behavior.           * There are other activities?
      g) Continuing in the behavior even though one has problems that are made worse because of the behavior.      * Bah! Humbug!
      h) A need to increase the intensity or frequency of the behavior. * Ya damn Skippy!
      i) Restlessness or irritability if unable to engage in the behavior. * Ain't it the truth, the clean truth!

Black Text Taken from some site, Somewhere, on the good old Internet!

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