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Things Lovingly said to ones Partner
By Lane Smythe, and the Naptown Nomads

We are sure that the lot of these random silly comments got our pal Lane in no small amount of trouble over the years. We hope that they were all good lessons learned.

· If you loved me, you'd smell it.
· Would you like a glass of water to wash that down?
· It's Ok, Honey, you'll do better next time.
· No baby, Your warm feet feel good on my back.
· Why should I be jealous of your vibrator?
· My body has never produced a smell like that.
· Drew Barrymore ain't got nothin on you.
· ...but I just cleaned it!
· Smell this and tell me if it's bad.
· Look honey, Petey's lickin' is nads again that so sick.
· Clinically speaking, there's no danger involved...and I won't tell nobody.
· Mess wit it baby, mess wit it.
· Nothin' works on my lower half like your 5-way chili Darlin'.
· Don't think of that underwear as dirty; think of it as seasoned.
· Why don't you try wearin' skates like that chick in Boogie Nights.
· Don't Worry, Baby. No one will ever see this video

We'll just keep this spot here open just in case Lane re-offends.


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