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How I feel about Frolickin' or One fine summer day.
By W.A.Mogollon

Puff the Magic Dragon used to frolick in (or near abouts) the Autumness. One fine summer day, on a whim, I decided that It might be somewhat soothing were I to try frolicken' just for a bit. So, there I was a frolicken, and I thot to myself, this must look kinda silly, a frolickin' this away. All by Myself, and all. But the silly feeling soon faded as I was overcome with thot's of glee and Joy. Then out of the blue, some People from the Forestry Service began to pelt me with small rocks and beat upon me with sticks. Six months later, when I awoke from my coma, I thot to myself, "I don't think in the future it would be such a good Idea to do much more frolicken". One wouldn't think the Forestry Service People would so adamantly oppose frolicken.


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