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The Downward Spiral

The following piece is the product of semi-regular postings in our old Humor forum/Message Boards, We have long collected these and decided we would give them their own page. there is alot here but we felt you just mind find some of it humorous. The entries and name of entrants are provided below.

This Particular piece started out innocently enough but as it went on it got a whole lot more lively. It may start out slow but it gets real funny real quick. It got so long it was actually halted and picked up again in another thread.

CDTrips  This is our family and friends message section. Now you don't have a reason not to stay in touch.
HOWLER Dear gawd, you have provided a space where my over abundant clan can type anything they want. I fear there has been a major error. We shall wait and see. 
HOWLER Um, hey, what has become of my family????? 
TStorm Mirror mirror on the wall, last night I wished upon a star. Nothing happened, it didn't work. I don't think I wanna end this with a rhyme. Heya peoples :o) 
Das Booty  Am I the ninth caller? Do I win the K-tel Jammin in the 80's CD. Does the prise package still include some, empty eyeliner tubes from Joan Jett, Some Bon Jovi hairspray, and a years supply of cornuts? Hello,,, Hello,,, Damn it! 
diddumdaddum we're here howler, we're just waiting for you to leave.
Tempest I do! I do! I truly do live here!!!!
HOWLER Yeah, I know tempest, um we already put the utilities in your name, and what the hell, we ordered cable T.V., Now pay for it Biatch!
Tempest That sounds ok to me however I do have one I still have access to the lovely women here? 
HOWLER Um, no! Did it take me an awful long time to reply to that one.
strawberry-32 Hi,everyone no one has said hello to a friend or famliy member since the year 99, Whats up!
spooge We're currently not speaking to one another. We're all mad at each other 
STRAWBERRY-32 Do you want a new friend? Do you want to talk about it? Maybe we can try getting everyone talking again. Only if you think it's a good ideal.I'm sorry! 
Menendez I think it's a very good Ideal, that is as far as Ideals go. What I would like to see more of around here, is good Ideas. 
Das Booty lets talk about the fundamental difference between the words Idea, and Ideal, they really mean different things you know. 
strawberry-32 *** Comment was Removed ***
strawberry-32 Hey! why did you take my message off? You can't take a joke. I was just trying to get everyone in the mood again to talk.
strawberry-32  Still havn't got a message on my question. Are you mad at me? Or you just don't give a damn. I been hanging out at another web page. alot better. I would love to visit your page again if I'm invited. I like getting a response for a question I ask. Just who I'm am. 
Brynan Is it just me or is Strawberry a lil psycho? Hey baby let me get dem digits...I like em a lil nuts and dammit howler, put those lil thangs away.
STRAWBERRY-32 Hey, baby give me your digits. I will show you psycho.
Brynan I bet ya would Strawberry....all over deeze nutz.
HOWLER Now now now, Play nice you two. Lest Papa Howler have to give ya both a bare ass spankin. 
strawberry-32 Don't you mean all over your tiny nutz.
strawberry-32 I never had a bare ass spankin. I might like it to much. So I might not play nice for awhile. Besides Brynan started it first. So tell him I will be nice if he will.
Brynan I can be nice when I want to. Ain't that right Howler? And if it is a spankin yer after cum on and get some Strawberry, you've been a bad, bad girl. Seems all I do these days is spanking. Well if you count spanking da that I am a professional. And Howler will take care of that problem when I get into town in two days!!! WOOHOO...take dem teefers out baby cause papa is cumming home!!!
HOWLER I am a trifle unnerved about your repeated attempts to queer me. You Have some deep rooted desire to use me like a crack ho, but alas I cannot comply. Besides your bringin a toothpick to the stickball game. 
strawberry-32 Brynan, Has howler taking care of your problem? If not I'm still wanting a bare ass spanking. Welcome back in town. Are you staying?
CrackHo I'll taking care of Howler's problem all right. I'll taking care of his problem real good.
HOWLER  Um Crack ho, I'm not the one with the problem. If you want to taking care of anyones problem, then taking care of Brynans. I'll taking care of my own problems, thank you. I been taking care of my problem, for a long time, and what's more, I am good at it.
strawberry-32 Hello!
JestaFreak You say Hello as if no one had been talking. What's up with that? So Strawberry tell us about yourself.
CrackHo Hello? 
Is this thing on? 
Brynan I can't hep myself when I am around ya howler!! I have this thing fer toothless old men. And Strawberry I am here for ya. Cum one..cum all..for the best spank dis side of da rockies!
strawberry-32 Merry Christmas everyone! Tell you about myself there really is not much to say. This was the worst Christmas I every had.I am very lonely this CHRISTMAS. I havn't woke up by myself on Christmas for the last 14 years this was the first. Will I guess it could be worst. I hope you all had a good Christmas and have the best New year every. BYE! 
Jestafreak Perhaps you might be better served to discuss these things with your therapist.
strawberry-32 Maybe you are right. I think I had to many mix drinks the night before.
Jestafreak tell me about yourself. I don't need a therapist I think I need a man. Do you have a good therapist? I was wondering cause that is what you suggested. You know what they say if you have the balls to suggest something you must be doing or have one.
Holden McGroin I am so confused 
Jestafreak Aaaaah yes. I can see you are to clever for me. Perhaps I should desist. I shant pit my intelligence against one whose wit eclipses itself. 
The-rapist After hours of careful study (ok, minutes), I have come to the conclusion that Strawberry needs several men. Towit: Webster, Freud, and a long relationship with Mr. Britanica.
Holden McGroin Lets just analyze this sentance for a moment: 
"You know what they say if you have the balls to suggest something you must be doing or have one." 
What must one be doing if he/she has the balls to suggest something? Doing balls? 
Or, perhaps it means that for someone to suggest something means that he/she has only one ball. 
I'm not sure, but that's ok. It could be worst.
Marty Stouffer Notice how quickly the wolf pack moves in when the lamb shows signs of weakening.
strawberry-32 Why do you need to be so mean? The-rapist you are not very good. I know who I am I don't need several men. I'm one lady who needs one good men who can give me the same respect and all the good things that I can give him. I don't think there is one in INDY! Jestafreak do you no who I am? I know who you are ! Please be nice to me. NO need for revenge. 
strawberry-32 HOLDEN MCGROIN I'm sorry you do'nt understand. Maybe I should explain myself. What I meant is jestafreak going to a therapist? I made a little error. A course anyone with a little intelligence would have figure that mistake without needing to analyze the problem. Doing should have been going.I wanting to make sure you wouldn't take up more of your time analyzing a problem that wasn't concerning you in the first place.
Holden McGroin Ok, now I'm really lost??? 

JestaFreak How, pray tell, do you 'no' who I am? Are you from Detroit? I haven't a clue, who you are. Are you perhaps Crissy from 'Three is Company', or perhaps your Farah Fawcett Minor. 
All what I know is you make my nipples tingly!
strawberry-32 How about we just start on a new subject. Before everybody is lost. 

Gawd That's Beautiful!

And that's all we got for the The Downward Spiral lines so far for May 4th 2K1. Find more like this in the Humor Forum/Message Boards .

This is a non-active thread in the Humor Forum You will find the The Downward Spiral Chat in the Humor Forum under the "Family And Friends" Section. In the "Family Reunion" thread. It actually stopped there and was picked up again in the "Social Outcasts" section under the "The New Subject". The "New Subject" thread is still active.

Please feel free to go and leave your mark amongst the cryptic opinions/comments there in. Be warned that we may post it here so use a fake name.

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