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The General Letter History

The following is a piece written by my long time Road Dawg, and fellow Naptown Nomad, Iceman. It details the meager beginnings of the Gen-Let. Brilliant writing, me thinks. This little snippet of history gives one the gist of the General Letters creation. But I think a little more description is in order. I started the letter to prevent myself the pains associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Writing to some 30 people tends to aggravate my arthritis. As time progressed It evolved into an almost professional little newsletter. That is, of course, since I began producing it via the computer. People told me they enjoyed the Gen-Let, so I continued to write it. Unfortunately the letter was discontinued so I could work on this site.


Welcome to the Official-Unofficial General Letter Homepage. For those of you who don't know us (don't worry--we know who you are) here is a brief history outlining the origins of the now infamous General Letter. It all began in a dark cave with two pieces of flint and a pile of dry twigs. Out of the smoldering ashes arose an idea eons before its time. The names have been changed to protect the innocent and shield the guilty from certain and swift punishment.

On a cold, dark winter morning long ago, Mog (pronounced Mog), growing weary of the bitter mid-western climate, decided to venture out into the world in search of fire. Leaving his friends and family behind, Mog traveled west beyond the great river to a strange and wondrous land now known as California. Having discovered fire, Mog was eager to share its mysteries with his friends and family. He did so using smoke signals. Mog's loved ones enjoyed receiving these messages, but rarely would they return his correspondence. Disgusted at this as well as with the rising costs and time factors associated with sending everyone his/her own smoke signal, Mog decided to send out one big general smoke signal for all to enjoy. Thanks to recent advances in communications technology, the general smoke signal soon evolved into the General Letter.

Having since returned to the land of his birth, Mog (having evolved considerably himself) continues the tradition of the General Letter, the musings inside of which are sometimes so cryptic that sometimes we don't even comprehend it's portent. You may have trouble comprehending these writings as much of the content revolves around the everyday antics of Mog and his closest friends. If this is the case, all we can do is apologize. It is, however, your own fault for not being our friend. They are nonetheless amusing.


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