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THis page used to have working links but most of those sites no longer exist. The ones below still do.


The first section of this page contains links to other pages that the Naptown Nomads have deemed Cool in content and/or web design.  Then again some are just friends, and we have to endorse are friends, don't we?

In the second section you will find Entertainment Links, these are sites that were previewed and selected for there comedic and/or entertainment value by us, just for you. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we did, but then we know you will.

The third section contains links that would be of interest to the more sophisticated type of person. It has art and poetry links that we deem to be some of the best on the web. If your scratching yourself right now don't, I repeat, don't go there.

The links marked with this graphic Power Ball are pages that have won our Cool Site of the Week Award. They are sites that you must see.



MzChaos' World Of Dreams Power Ball

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The Onion

The Seinfeld Page

The Funny Bone

Someone Else Is Probably Going To Hell

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Digital Blasphemy  

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