Guilty By Association

The Iceman Cometh..... Sometimes

I am a database programmer using Microsoft Access and Microsoft FoxPro as well as Microsoft Visual Basic.   You can learn more about these and other fine Microsoft products at  If you are Bill Gates or are affiliated with Microsoft in any way, please feel free to send an electronic payment to me via e-mail.

I am a graduate of Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis with a degree in English.  Why am I a database programmer with a degree in English?  Well, everything I needed to learn about computers I learned in kindergarten.

I live on the east side of Indianapolis, have a cat named Spike, and have a drippy faucet in my kitchen sink.  I should probably call a plumber.

That's all I have to say.

To learn more about the Iceman visit his personal home page at KS3D or not, since it is not there.

The Iceman does not always like to be associated with the Naptown Nomads and is therefor very hard to capture on film for purposes such as posting on this web site. Have no doubt though, he is one of us. You can run but you can't hide Iceman. Er,  Uh maybe you can. Next time... Yes.... next time..... We will catch you off guard.

Iceman's Girlfriend

Hey Iceman, is that you?

Uh, Iceman I think you might have blinked.

See You Iceman!



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