Ever wonder what I would look like as a woman
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The story about the party was a piece I wrote for my General Letter # 10. I stopped producing the general letters somewhere like in 1998, when this website was starting to get huge. The only one of these pictures actually printed was the second pic of me on my gentleman friends lap.

Ever wonder what I would look like as a woman.

One Halloween I decided to venture into the realm of the cross dresser. I had heard tail that it were loads of fun iffin you weren't agin it.

This man took a shying to me though I feel he may have been after a little more than just my friendship. I never caught this gentlemens name but we got on like peas and carrots.

My Ex and my Niece helped me pick out my ensemble.

When your a woman and you have a petite frame like myself all the fellas want to sweep ya off your feet. This particular gentlemen said he might buy me something shiny. I were compelled to kiss him.

We had us a little bit of a shin-dig for All Hallows Eve. Said little Swaray was in actuality thrown by my neighbors, Penny and Greg, my own place became a makeshift rockin arena. Headlining was none other than the band Prymal Fayth!!!! [(add 'I love you' hand symbol) Rockers always do that when trying to make the sign of the devil.] Wooooo Hoooooo!!!!

Ah, but it was a grand affair. The evening prompted me to let down the ruse I hide behind and step out of the facade that is my life. Oh but it was a magnificent display of salubriousness all the way around. Right up until the police arrived. Two female patrolmens asked to see the owner or renter or whatever - I stepped to the door having dealt with the PO-lice oft enough. "That would be me," I said with  a respectful curtsy. They laughed at me! The both of them! One going so far as to run off my porch about it. And that other Bitch, Had the nerve to say she'd never wear a dress like mine.

 I neglected to point out that she woulda had  trouble squeezing her east german ass into an out fit like mine. Both officers left giggling after I promised to shut it down (the party that is) and I ran, tearful as a schoolgirl, upstairs to change into a different dress.

Ahhh The glorious days of Youth, For soothe they fleeteth fast. Alas we do bid farewell to days of yore and looketh to what future holds.

Despite what you may be thinking,,, I Am Not Rhea Perlman!!!!!!

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