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Artwork Projects By HOWLER

Below you will find some Project Pieces done by HOWLER. These are pieces that are more than one Picture but should come as a set. And can be framed together in one picture frame or several smaller picture frames. Take them if you like but be sure to tell folks where ya got them. Most every thing you see here was done in Paint Shop Pro.
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Below you will see an Andy Warhol'ian project thingy that I did for Iceman. It hangs in my livin room and looks very good, in a three cell frame. Done wit Paint Shop Pro.
serenity2.jpg (49551 bytes) serenity3.jpg (44722 bytes) serenity4.jpg (48752 bytes)
Screwing around at work one day I started messing with this picture and came up with these next pics, I thought they were kinda cool and would look good in several different frames. U be da Judge.
stain2.jpg (14223 bytes) Oddly enough the four pics to the right and left all came from the picture seen below. These were done in Micro Soft Photo Editor stain3.jpg (19139 bytes)
stain1.jpg (21481 bytes) kx250_studioNEW.jpg (63599 bytes) stain4.jpg (27381 bytes)
Here is another piece I was messing with. I'm not sure what I was going to do with it but I just like it for some reason. The big pic files are a little larger with this one, but the biggest is only 63k.
peach.jpg (46851 bytes) peach2.jpg (59409 bytes) peach3.jpg (64155 bytes)
This colorful piece was done in both Paint Shop Pro and MS Photo Editor.
technocore.jpg (48585 bytes) technocore3.jpg (65131 bytes) technocore2.jpg (99226 bytes)
This semi erotica pic is a clip from the movie Kamasutra. Cut the picture out of some magazine somewhere. I just really liked the shot. I mean REALLY!
atouch.jpg (45410 bytes) atouch2.jpg (71933 bytes) atouch3.jpg (101952 bytes) atouch4.jpg (137649 bytes)
The Picture below I stole from a local rag mag. It was one of my first tracings, and i hated that it was so dark. So I decided to work on it some more. Thought I would make look like Storm from the X-men, cause I always did have a thing for Storm.
mermaid.jpg (59376 bytes) mermaid1.jpg (60690 bytes) mermaid2.jpg (58846 bytes) mermaid3.jpg (70529 bytes)
These next four were just created from screwing around basically. The original piece was made so that I could have a stencil for some shapes for future art. Then I decided to mess around with the picture and came up with these. A Paint Shop Pro Creation.
triangle.jpg (42696 bytes) triangle1.jpg (81612 bytes) triangle2.jpg (70846 bytes) triangle3.jpg (78135 bytes)
orbs2.jpg (59212 bytes) These two come from the Bryce 3D picture called Orbs in the  Artwork section. I was just messing around with them in PSP (again) and I liked what I saw. orbs3.jpg (60482 bytes)
This Next piece started out as a possible banner for my ex-girlfriends website at It still might make it there but it turned out to be to large for a conventional banner. The original is on the main artwork page.
chaos1.jpg (27503 bytes) chaos2.jpg (24933 bytes) chaos3.jpg (24454 bytes)
A long time ago a made a picture that I was going to give to my father, but I lost it before he ever got it. Still having the original picture I had worked from, I recently recreated it. Seen below in the middle.
remembrance.jpg (70305 bytes) remembrance1.jpg (84470 bytes) remembrance2.jpg (72513 bytes)

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